CANADIAN COUNTY, Oklahoma - The search continues for one suspect after a bizarre robbery and kidnapping near U.S. 66 and Banner Road. 

On May 8,  the Canadian County Sheriff’s Office received a 911 call from a frantic victim. She reported two men broke into her home, tied her up and threatened to kill her.

Investigators said those men stole jewelry, and cash from the woman’s wallet.

911 Operator: “Sheriff’s office…”

Caller: “I need somebody here. I have been robbed and tied up, and I can’t get my feet loose.”

According to deputies, the suspects hatched the plan the night before the robbery while they were at Remington Casino in Oklahoma City.

Through the investigation, deputies said they discovered the men didn’t know each other. Deputies said the suspects met-up at the casino and appeared to have been on methamphetamine when they contrived their alleged plan.

“Spent the night down on the southside of Oklahoma City. Then, the next morning, they decided they were going to go out and hit a residence,” said Lt. Mike Grimes of the Canadian County Sheriff’s Office.

Investigators said the men kept driving until they found a home that looked like a good target. That’s when they stumbled upon Banner Road.

Deputies said the suspects pulled over and one of the men, Austin Parrott, knocked on the door. The home owner answered.

But investigators say the other suspect, had gone around back of the property.

“Turned around, the other one had come through the back door, and he grabbed her, put her down on the floor, and told her give me your money and jewelry or I will kill you,” Lt. Grimes said.

That’s when they stole her jewelry, which included the ring off her hand.

The victim said she was able to get a partial plate number of the suspect’s vehicle. This, all while deputies said she he was tied up with a vacuum cord on the ground.

Caller: “Hurry… hurry.”

911 Operator: “Where are you at in the house hun?”

Caller: “I am in the living room. If he comes in, all the doors are open. They left everything open.”

“Her wrist was bruised; her neck was bruised from where she was choked. Luckily, she wasn't hurt bad,” said Lt. Grimes.

Later that night, Oklahoma City police reported pulling over the car spotted at the crime scene.

Canadian County deputies said that’s how they caught one of the suspects, Parrott.

“We found a lot of the jewelry still in the car in a pillowcase that came from her house,” Lt. Grimes said.

He added that Parrott admitted that he pawned the other rings for cash. Deputies said they did go to that shop to recover the property.

They found that the other suspect, was also caught on camera. However, he has still not been identified.

Deputies are asking for the public’s help to solve this violent crime.

The suspects are facing complaints of robbery and kidnapping, among other crimes.