OKLAHOMA CITY - Two frightened carjacking victims called police on Monday, moments after their car was stolen at gunpoint in Southwest Oklahoma City. Police released their 911 calls. 

Victim: “Yes um, my girlfriend just got her carjacked, and they pulled a gun on us and they shot at us.” 

The man and woman were sitting in an orange Dodge Challenger outside a home near Southwest 30th Street and Lee, when a white truck pulled up next to them.

The victims told police the driver of the truck rolled down his window and pointed a gun at them while the passenger got out. The suspects reportedly wore black bandanas over their mouths and forced the two people out of the car at gunpoint.

911 Dispatcher: “Alright answer this. They ditched their white truck there?”

Victim: “No, they left, they just took off.”

911 Dispatcher: “So, one left in your car and the other left in the white truck?”

Victim: “Yeah, yeah, one left in the white truck.”

Officers patrolling on the southeast side of the metro spotted the stolen car.

“The stolen car led officers on a brief pursuit, where the suspect jumped out and tried to flee on foot,” said MSgt. Gary Knight, Oklahoma City Police Department.

Officers arrested 34-year-old Ruben Ponce inside a home near Southeast 14th Street and Laird.

Ponce is a convicted felon with a long history of eluding police and carrying guns.

The other carjacking suspect 22-year-old Robert Cervantes, police said, was driving the white truck. He was stopped and arrested only blocks away.

“The gun was recovered at the scene,” said Knight. “Again, thankfully no one was injured, and the car was returned to the rightful owner.”

Both men were booked into the Oklahoma County jail on a number of felony complaints.