A multi-county Grand Jury is expected to meet this week, possibly discussing the ongoing investigation at the state level of sexual assault allegations at the University of Oklahoma, according to a source in the Attorney General’s office.

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation began investigating after three men came forward with allegations against former OU President David Boren and former Vice President Tripp Hall. According to another source with direct knowledge of the investigation the OSBI has been made aware of at least two more alleged victims bringing the total to five. 

Jurors are expected to convene until the end of the week, however, because proceedings of grand juries are secret it's unclear if they'll be hearing testimony from those involved in the state's investigation.

The findings of the OSBI investigation will also assist the Grand Jury's investigation which is being run by special counsel Pat Ryan, who was appointed by Attorney General Mike Hunter after he chose to recuse himself from the state's investigation citing a want to avoid future conflicts of interest.

Ryan is a storied prosecutor known best for prosecuting Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh. He is also an OU law alumnus who attended law school with Boren.

One big question still looming is whether OU has shared the findings of its investigation with the state. Last week outgoing president Jim Gallogly appeared to say OU was not cooperating with the OSBI.

“They do their investigation by themselves. They might be working with our police department but I'm not personally involved in it,” he said. When asked whether the OU Board of Regents was working with OSBI he said, “Not to my knowledge.”

If OU does not willingly share its findings with the state they and their law firm Jones-Day could be subpoenaed to turn over their findings, likely setting up a court fight over whether the Jones-Day report is public information.