HARRAH, Oklahoma - Heads are turning in one Oklahoma County neighborhood for the massive task one family is taking on.  

The Hall-Spencer Family is spending their free time picking up trash around the Heritage Park area and surrounding neighborhoods. It all started a couple of weeks ago when 8-year-old Nathan Hall decided he was fed up with seeing glass bottles everywhere. 

"It's not just for us, it's for everybody," said Toni Hall, Nathan's mother. "It's to make it look nicer and be cleaner."

The family of six just recently moved to the community.

"It's not respectful to the fish and stuff," Nathan said. "It's mean to put glass on the floor and throwing bottles, shattering them."

The whole family has since turned the task of picking up trash into a competition, working as a team toward a common goal, and stopping at no length to get it done.

"Their typical kids, they just want to leave a mess (in their rooms) and stuff," said Toni. "But whenever they see it out there with the birds, ducks and stuff, they're going to eat that stuff. We want to clean it up, we want to make it better and I am all for it."

With no signs of slowing down, this family hopes to show others that one small effort can have an everlasting impact.

"It would make my heart happy," said Nathan's brother, Kyle Spencer. "I think it would make Nathan's too."

Toni says the family has gone through a couple of pair of shoes, but in the grand scheme of things, she says, it's all worth it.