OKLAHOMA CITY - A month before her wedding day, an Oklahoma City bride-to-be got the news she has been waiting for, for more than 20 years. Kayla Weaver's dog attacked her as a toddler, leaving her scarred ever since, but a local medical spa surprised her with a new option for treatment.  

Kayla has been busy planning her dream wedding in Jamaica. She came to Clarebella Aesthetics seeking treatment for underarm sweat ahead of her big day.

“We’ve been together for 12 years now,” Kayla said, “and just knowing that I’m going to look my best, feel my best and not worry about sweating, especially in Jamaica, is just amazing.”

Clarebella’s doctor of nursing practice Jenn Russell said their new Morpheus8 machine produces the perfect result for Kayla’s problem, as micro-needling and radio frequency penetrate the skin's surface to spark the growth of collagen. Morpheus8 is not just a solution for sweat, though.

“It’s basically a head-to-toe treatment,” Russell explained.

It can also erase scars, like the ones Kayla developed on her face after her pet dog turned on her when she was just two years old. She has had seven reconstructive surgeries so far.

“It was a bad dog bite, and scarring is hard to treat,” Russell described, “and from each surgery you can get new scars.”

Kayla thought she could only afford Morpheus8 for her arms, though, until Russell shared the surprise.

Russell told her, “We wanted to do something extra special for you. We are going to give you three free Morpheus treatments for your face, girl!”

Kayla burst into tears.

“Since the day she walked in we adored her,” Russell said. “She’s such a sweet client, and we’re just so grateful to be able to do this for her.”

Kayla will now receive her three additional treatments over the next three weeks.

Russell explained, “It’s an awesome procedure with how aggressive it is and how great the results are. It is surprising how minimal the downtime can be.”

Kayla's face should be clear just in time for her wedding day.

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