LOGAN COUNTY, Oklahoma - Emergency crews in Logan County are keeping a close eye on a very swollen Cimarron River. 

According to the National Weather Service, the river is currently at flood levels and is expected to crest at around 22 feet early Thursday morning. That will force the closure of Highway 77 just north of Guthrie.

While the Cimarron River is expected to crest, Guthrie Fire Chief Eric Harlow says destruction of property isn’t likely.

“This river has been flooding for over 100 years around here, and most anything that was going to flood and get washed away has already been moved a long time ago,” said Chief Harlow.

He said, because ODOT crews are currently working to replace the bridge along the highway, they were warned about possible flooding. 

“We talked to construction contractors and the ODOT supervisor for this project early this morning. I have advised him of the potential for flooding later today, and to get all the equipment moved to higher ground, so it doesn’t suffer damages, said Chief Harlow.

Chief Harlow said with the highway crossing over the river, drivers who ignore barricades are their primary concern. 

“I can’t stress enough just like the sign says turn around don’t drown,” he said. “It puts you at risk and puts us at risk, if we have to rescue someone stranded in high water.”

He said regardless of the size of vehicle, even a little water could sweep it away.