A long-time Del City sanitation engineer is being credited with saving an elderly customer’s life. 

Calon Burnett is a 1998 Del City High School graduate, who’s worked for the city for 13 years. On February 27th, Burnett was three hours into his shift, when he saw an overturned trash container in the roadway. He found that odd, since he had just emptied that trash can moments earlier.

When Burnett pulled around for a second look, he saw an elderly woman lying in her driveway. She had slipped on ice while retrieving her trash can from her driveway. He said the woman was shivering, and said she thought she had broken her hip.

“I went back to my truck, grabbed my coat, and I laid it on her, and kneeled down beside her, just stayed there with her to keep her warm,” said Burnett. 

Burnett called 911 and waited with the woman until EMSA paramedics arrived at the scene. 

Burnett was honored at Monday night’s Del City Council meeting.

“I just felt like I would want somebody to do that if it was my mom or grandma out there. And I would want somebody to help them,” said Burnett.