OKLAHOMA CITY - Massive public projects are changing the look and feel of Oklahoma City. One percent of all the construction costs on those projects goes to public art. 

The program began 10 years ago, and the Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs has never been busier. 

 “Having public art really increases the connection people have with the city,” says Public Art Project Manager Randy Marks.

The art inside the new convention center was commissioned for more than $1,000,000. It will include titanium, tubes, LED lights and 3D images.

A massive sphere comprised of over 60,000 small individual spheres will stand 48 feet in the air at Scissortail Park.

Other public art projects are not as grand.

A 1953 Buick LaSabre will be half buried along the bike trails at Lake Stanley Draper. It was inspired by Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo.

“It’s likely to be tagged at some time,” says Marks.

The piece sparked debate at OKC City Council on Tuesday, but it was eventually approved.

A 15 ft. tall piece that will move in the wind, and a wood and stone statue have also been approved for the Draper trails and will go up later this year.