The future is here!

This week on “Mitchell Talks: The News 9 Sessions” Episode 32 Scott Mitchell and Aaron Brilbeck sit down Oklahoma Secretary of Digital Transformation and Administration (Whew! Long Title) David Ostrowe.

Ostrowe explained that he was brought on board to modernize the state’s outdated computer systems.

“We have systems that are in COBOL (Common Business Oriented Language), and we are still running emulators on some of that software. The problem with this old software is a lot of it was customized back in, you know, whenever," he said.

The problem with that is that agencies often can’t communicate with each other.

Ostrowe said he envisions digitizing many of the services that Oklahomans enjoy, including drivers licenses and hunting licenses.

We talk about the timeline and the cost to Oklahoma taxpayers in Episode 32 of Mitchell Talks the News 9 Sessions.