NOBLE COUNTY, Oklahoma - A confirmed tornado touched down late Sunday night near Perry, Oklahoma. There was at least a 12-mile stretch of damage. 

About five miles west of town, a roof was blown off a barn and a couple walls were blown down. The Wilson’s, who live there, believe it was a tornado that caused the damage. They say it hit around 11:30 p.m. They were asleep when it hit, and once it passed, they went outside to see the damage. The roof of barn was blown about 200 yards away.

“All the hard work that went into it, my family worked with me, my mom and dad they were in their 70s, it just kills you how much you put into something like this, and it’s gone in an instant,” said Rick Wilson.

About 11 miles due east, Monty Stueve says he got an alert on his phone and looked outside. That’s when he saw the tornado heading right toward him. So, he ran inside and woke up his wife and daughter.

“Went into the cellar right as it came over top of us,” he recounted. “We came up and saw this.”

The shop that was about 30 yards from his house was gone. The remnants were thrown across the pasture behind his house. His daughter’s vehicle was also flipped onto its side, and his other trucks damaged as well. Fortunately, his home and barn that housed several horses were fine.

The emergency manager says there was sporadic roof damage across the county.