OKLAHOMA CITY - Demonstrators rallied against plans to knock down an old building in Northeast Oklahoma City. 

The Care Center, which helps abused kids, wants to demo a building next to its Northeast OKC headquarters.

The Care Center bought the property at Northeast 14th Street and North Everest Avenue last year, having no idea it was once called the "Brockway Center" and it housed an African American women's group that was more than 100 years old.

The Care Center reached an agreement with the Brockway Center to honor its legacy with plaques and statues at the new building.

But Monday, a rally was held in hopes to save the building.

“That what we are doing today to bring awareness to 1440 North Everest to help to share that story,” says Cayla Lewis, the Executive Director of Preservation Oklahoma.

“We feel we took really effective action with the woman at the Brockway Center, to ensure that they are partners with us in the future,” says Care Center Executive Director Stacey McNeiland.

The Capital Medical Zoning Commission still has to approve the demolition on May 22, 2019. 

Preservation Oklahoma would like to see the building given landmark status, making demolition impossible.