OKLAHOMA CITY - Tinker Air Force Base is assuring residents it's addressing cases of toxic mold found in the housing on base. Numerous families have complained, some have even filed lawsuits. 

Norman Attorney Tracy Schumacher told News 9 in October 2018, families were suffering from symptoms associated with harmful mold.

Tinker officers conducted a 100% review of housing in early 2019. The review revealed issues in 20 percent of homes.  In some cases, PEX water lines were to blame for mold.

“In some cases, there have been work orders that have gone delinquent for some periods of time, some have had situations of pest control,” said Col. Kenyon Bell.

Tinker town hall meetings have been scheduled in an effort to improve communication.

Officials say they'll hire additional housing staff located on base.

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“We're going to have four additional personnel coming in the fiscal year 2019,” said Bell. “They will also offer that quality assurance compliance aspect of things, being the advocates for our residents.”

It's unclear how long it'll take for homes to return back to normal, a process said to be 80% complete.

No homes, officials say, are to the point of demolition.

Tinker contracts its housing to Balfour Beatty Communities LLC. Officials say there are no immediately plans to change that.

News 9 reached out to Balfour Beatty Communities LLC. for comment, but the calls were not returned.

Residents can call 800-482-6431 to address issues that are not being resolved locally.