OKLAHOMA CITY - Police are searching for suspects in a two-part bicycle theft. The crime happened over two days and was captured on video.  

Victim Jeff Young said thieves stole thousands of dollars-worth of his property from his apartment garage, starting Thursday.

“The guy walked through. He stole my wife’s bike. He couldn't get my bike off of there, so he just stole the wheels for it,” Young said of the first incident.

The following day, Young said, the suspect returned to for the rest of his bike.

“The very next morning at about five, he came back with bolt cutters, walked right in took about a minute,” Young said.

According to Young, the two bikes are worth over $4,000.      

“We moved downtown to be able to ride our bikes with the kids and on the river and things like that,” Young said.

Oklahoma City police are now investigating the crime, in hopes of catching the suspects and returning Young’s property.

“I can't let it go and I don't want it to happen to somebody else,” Young said.

Investigators ask that anyone with information on the crime call Crime Stoppers at 405-235-7300.