OKLAHOMA CITY - Police and fire investigators are questioning people Friday morning after a home explosion in Southwest Oklahoma City. 

According to officials, the explosion took place around 11 p.m. Thursday near Southwest 48th Street and South May Avenue. 

Fire officials said someone reported a vehicle had left the area shortly after the explosion. Police found the car with two adult men inside. One had burn injuries and was taken to the hospital for further care. The second male was brought back to the scene for questioning. 

OKC Fire Department Battalion Chief Benny Fulkerson said the blast was so strong, fire crews at a nearby station felt it. 

"Our firefighters at fire station 25, which is about a mile or so from here," he said. "And they actually felt the doors of the fire station kind of shake. So this was one of those kind of explosions that people may report having felt from some distance away." 

Fire crews showed up they found structural damage and a small smoldering toward the back of the home. 

Officials said crews searched inside the home and didn't find anyone. News 9 did a search on the county assessor's website and the house is owned by a man named Joel Soto. 

A News 9 photographer on the scene also saw the narcotics unit investigation. 

Fire officials said the home is a total loss. 

No additional injuries have been reported. 

This is a developing story.