OKLAHOMA CITY - A litter of puppies is on the mend after they were bitten by a rattlesnake. 

The Great Danes had to be rushed two hours from Custer County to Oklahoma City for treatment.

The dog’s owner says they were in the yard when they were bitten.

“When it yipped and started running back, I saw two spots on its nose and it was bleeding,” said owner Tamira Bridge.

When Bridge inspected the litter of ten, she realized something was wrong.

“You could see the puncture wounds where the snake got him on the bridge of the nose,” said Bridge.

She said as they played, a snake was lurking nearby.

“I was right there. I walked past the snake probably ten times and never saw it,” said Bridge.

Five puppies were bitten. Bridge says after multiple calls to veterinarians; her husband drove two hours to Oklahoma City.

“She was in horrible pain, the whole ride you would hit a bump and she’d start howling and crying it was horrible,” said Bridge.

After a few phone calls, Bridge was able to locate a clinic that had the medicine her puppies needed.

“We had three babies that had very swollen faces,” said registered vet technician Donna Call.

Call said while snake bites increase this time of year, this is a unique case.

“It's really unusual that one snake would be able to envenomate all five puppies,” said Call.

Three of the pups were treated with anti-venom, while all of them spent several hours in an oxygen chamber.

Bridge says the puppies' parents serve as her mobility and medical alert animals.

Two of the puppies will follow in their footsteps.

A GoFundMe account has been setup to help with their veterinary care. Click here if you would like to donate.