OKLAHOMA CITY - More old buildings are seeing a dramatic transformation in Oklahoma City thanks to good food. 

In August, Parlor Food Hall opens where the Pioneer telephone company once called home, at 11 Northeast 6th Street.

“Every day, stuff comes in fresh,” says local chef Timothy Abel, who will open “Burger Pig” in one of the seven Parlor kitchens.

“I feel like I’ve been set up for this through all my experiences before,” says Abel, who last worked at the Jones Assembly.

Operators of a Guatemalan street food concept, Korean comfort food, and a place serving what’s called “Detroit-style” pizza have signed leases.

 “I think this is the time to move in. We've had our eye on Oklahoma City for two years,” says Parlor’s Davis Engle.

Engle is still hush hush on the other concepts coming, saying just one kitchen remains.

Two kitchens, including the pizza place are already serving at Parlor's original location in Kansas City.

“Our motto is drink, eat, repeat,” adds Engle.

The OKC location will feature a bar on each of the two floors and a roof top patio.

“It feels like a really fun restaurant,” says Abel.

Parlor will also serve as sort of test kitchen for chefs and give them a chance to eventually move to their own brick and mortar locations.