SPENCER, Oklahoma - The Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office reports a victim was left for dead after a brutal beating and kidnapping. 

The alleged attack happened on April 25th, off Rock N’ Horse Road in Spencer.

Court documents reveal the victim was "repeatedly kicked and punched", and even "hit in the back of the head with a wine bottle" by a group of people.

“We know that the victim in this case was at an acquaintances home, whenever a group of people came into the house and brutally assaulted this victim,” said Mark Myers of the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office.

Tamara Vickers, Anthony Hill and Dana Sam are in custody. However, two more suspects, Joanna Kelley and William Rymer, are at large.

Court documents reveal the suspects accused the victim of being a snitch to law enforcement.

The victim reportedly told deputies one of suspects told her, "You will wish you weren't alive."

“At some point, they forcefully put her in a vehicle and drove her to Lincoln County, and that is where the torture continued,” said Myers. “The suspects in this case tied the victim up with an electrical cord to a tree, and brutally attacked her.”

She suffered a broken tailbone, burn marks, severe bruising to the neck and body, and a head injury, according to official reports. Someone spotted her wandering the area and called 911 for help.

911: “Lincoln County Call Center.”

Caller: “Hey, um… I am driving on Highway 102, and there was a young woman with her shirt off, and it looked like she had been beat up.”

Investigators are still trying to locate the remaining suspects. They said that Rymer rides a bright green motorcycle, and if someone spots it, they should call police immediately.

So far, each suspect faces a complaint of assault and battery, and a complaint of kidnapping.