OKLAHOMA CITY - The arrest of a man allegedly high on PCP turned dangerous for two Oklahoma City officers. 

Officials said Muhajir Sango, 43, attempted to grab an officer’s gun several times.

Police released the body camera footage on Wednesday of the officers’ violent struggle with the man.  

Gang unit officers were patrolling near Northeast 36th Street and Prospect Avenue on Sunday, April 28, and checked on a suspicious car. As they approached the car, Sango took off in a sprint.   

Officer: “Come here. Hey, come here!”

At that point, officers were not sure why the man was running. Police said a juvenile also took off, but officers focused their attention on Sango.

They tackled Sango in the parking lot of an apartment complex and the violent struggle began. The man refused to cooperate, he even reached for the officer's gun.

Officer: “He grabbed your gun twice.”

“The concern is that they’re going to try and use that gun against the officer,” said. MSgt. Gary Knight, Oklahoma City Police Department. “Shoot or kill one of our officers.”

The officers were able to handcuff the man, but even then, he still tried to fight his way to freedom.

Officer: “Don’t make any moves. You understand me?”   

“They took him to the police car, and he tried to kick out the windows of the police car,” said MSgt. Knight.

Sango later admitted to police he smoked PCP that evening. Officers found the evidence.        

“There was PCP that was found on them,” said MSgt. Knight. “Empty viles of PCP.”

Several baggies of marijuana and cocaine were also discovered in the car.

“The other person who bailed out was also taken into custody eventually,” said MSgt. Knight.

The other person arrested police said had juvenile warrants and was taken to the Berry House.

Sango was booked into the Oklahoma County jail on one complaint of assault and battery of a police officer, one count of possession of CDS with intent to distribute and obstructing an officer.