It's hard enough to score more goals than any other girl's soccer player in 6A history. But to do it on two partially torn ankle ligaments? That's even more incredible. 

But that's what Choctaw senior Rebekah George did this year, scoring her record-breaking 39th goal this season on April 12.

"I had no idea how tough she was, because she's just going out there and running," Choctaw soccer coach Alisha Davis said. "She's one of the fastest players out there and she's still getting to the ball and she's injured, so that's just amazing."

George got the diagnosis a week ago after it got so bad that she had trouble walking on it.

She's wearing a stronger brace now, but whether she plays in Tuesday night's opening round playoff game against Norman North depends on one thing.

"If I can convince my parents," George said. As of Monday night, it's 50/50.

George also stays busy off the field by interning at the Down Syndrome Association of Central Oklahoma.

"It's just really, really rewarding to see how you can make such an impact on someone like that. They can learn, they can do everything that we can do if you just help them and give them the opportunity," George said. 

George will continue her education and soccer career at Oklahoma State next year.