OKLAHOMA CITY - An Oklahoma City family is mourning the sudden loss of their loved one after they were struck by a car.

The victim, 38-year-old Sophia Milas, was crossing north Western Avenue near Hefner Road last Wednesday night when she was hit by a passing SUV.

The family said they learned Mila was pregnant.  

“The person just didn’t see her,” said Patricia Coleman, Milas’ aunt.

Milas was reportedly dragged 70 feet. Witnesses at first thought the driver fled the scene, but police said the driver turned into a parking lot to wait for officers. 

Another witness stopped to check on Milas, who was still alive.

“She was still talking at the time,” said Tamika Langston, victim’s cousin. “So she was able to talk to her.”               

“We’re thanking God that someone had enough compassion to be there with her,” said Coleman.

Milas' mother did not learn until the following day that her joyful, kind-hearted daughter was gone. 

“My sister got a call from the Medical Examiner that the body was ready,” said Coleman. “We didn’t even know that there had been an accident.”

They were told she died during emergency surgery, but the tragic news did not stop there. Milas was pregnant.

“That was a joy for us,” said Langston. “But also saddening as well. Would have been her first child.”  

The family is heartbroken they were unable to be there for Milas in her last moments.

They said the area of Western Avenue where Milas was crossing is poorly lit. They are calling for the city to add lights, so another family does not have to share in their tragic pain.

Now they are planning a funeral for someone who touched many lives.

“So many people loved her, and said she always brought joy and laughter to so many people,” said Coleman.  

The driver who hit Milas was not ticketed or arrested and police said alcohol was not involved.

The family has created a gofundme.com page to raise money for Milas’ final expenses.