One man was fatally shot by police Monday afternoon in Edmond.

The shooting happened shortly after 2 p.m. near Silverfox and Grey Fox Run in Edmond.

Police were called to the area to investigate a domestic violence call with a suspect they were looking for.

When officers arrived, the suspect ran away from police and at one point, stripped his clothing and ran around the neighborhood naked.

“The female involved in the domestic and original call had stated he was acting irrational and abnormal and was stripping off clothing and was running down the street,” said Edmond police spokesperson Jenny Wagnon.

Following the disturbance officers patrolled the neighborhood’s streets for hours looking for a man wearing only socks.

“Throughout that several hours we’ve had people calling in saying they saw a man matching that description, naked running through the neighborhood,” said Wagnon.

Paul Sriyap was inside his home when suddenly he got a concerned call from his brother.

“My brother was calling me like hey I heard, I saw police around here can you be careful? Come out? I said okay! After that one second I heard boom, boom, boom!” said Sriyap.

Not knowing what was going on just beyond his bedroom door Paul said he hit the ground fearing he'd be shot.

“I locked my door and laid down on the floor because I heard police gun shooting,” said Sriyap.

The man police were looking for had come crashing through his front door along with police.

Two officers chased the man who continued to fight with an officer after being Tasered, Edmond police said. 

“Our officers first chose to deploy tasers and that was not subduing him and the physical confrontation was continuing after the tasers were deployed,” said Wagnon.

Despite being tased police say the suspect continued to fight. He was shot by one officer multiple times.. Once out of his room, Paul found the victim in a pool of blood.

“I heard that guy say help me, help me, help me something like that,” said Sryiap.

The suspect was shot multiple times by one officer and was taken to OU Medical Center by paramedics from the scene. He died at the hospital, police said.


Two officers were injured in the scuffle with the suspect but neither suffered from gunshot wounds. One officer was taken to a local hospital by paramedics. 

No one involved has been identified. 

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