DEL CITY, Oklahoma - A Del City couple says police entered their property illegally last Thursday, after getting an anonymous complaint about a sick dog. 

Ben and Deana Colucci say when they asked Del City Animal Control and Police for a search warrant, police threatened to arrest them both.

Police say because of the nature of the complaint; a search warrant legally was not necessary for police to be allowed to check the welfare of the dog. 

The Colucci’s actually had 24 dogs living in small filthy crates on the property, according to police. 

In Del City, it is legal to have up to five animals on a property. 

Police showed News 9 photos of animal waste spattered on the outside of some of those crates. 

City code inspectors also found several violations, and condemned the Colucci’s house, police said. 

Major Ted Kleber says the Colucci’s have only themselves to blame.

“They apparently had a birthing operation inside the house, where their kids were living in,” Kleber said. “And it was pretty nasty inside. The stench was unbelievable.” 

Deana Colucci says police overstepped their reach.

“I have four children, they’re all displaced at this time. We were told we had 15 minutes to get our things and get out of our home after this happened. I feel like it was complete retaliation for asking for a warrant,” she said.  

The Colucci’s vow to fight Del City Police in court. 

They will also have to apply with the city for the right to move back into their house.