A brazen burglar spent more than an hour rifling through one family's garage as they slept.

It happened near Penn and May Avenue in northwest Oklahoma City.

Using a garage door opener left in an unlocked car, cameras captured a thief rummaging through the family’s garage.

“He’s just kind of walking along nonchalant, just not really worried in no hurry,” said neighbor Richard Morphew.

For more than an hour the man walks in and out, opens boxes, and carries off high dollar tools. And while he didn't seem to have a care in the world, next-door neighbor Morphew said he should have.

“We are all armed with loaded guns and these people are trying to go into the house?” said Morphew.

After he was done with the house Morphew said his surveillance cameras captured the man opening the doors to several of his cars before climbing into his pickup.

“He was in the truck for a solid ten minutes trying to get it started because the tail lights kept coming on,” said Morphew.

Morphew said when the thief couldn't get the vehicles started, he settled for a beverage.

“He even got a water bottle out of the back of my truck for something to drink,” said Morphew.

He said he's just grateful the man never attempted to break into his house.

“I have two loaded guns next to my bed one between my mattress, one is on my side,” said Morphew.

Despite more than a dozen cameras between Morphew's home and his neighbor’s he said thieves don't seem to be discouraged.

Morphew said until the thieves are caught, they'll have to remain vigilant by making sure to keep everything under lock and key.