NORMAN, Oklahoma - It was one of most brutal murder's the city of Norman has ever seen. 

On April 24, 2018, 27-year-old Brittani Young was murdered inside her apartment. Police said she died after Joseph Alliniece repeatedly stomped on her head.

Young’s family said Alliniece had vowed to marry Brittani just days before he allegedly killed her.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019, Young’s family and friends gathered at the scene of the crime to honor her memory.

“I'll never forget. I will never forget. It will always be deep in my head, and it's there. It won't go away,” said Stacy Rasberry, Brittani’s mother. “When I walk here, I see everything. It's all like it just happened. It doesn't go away. It won't go away.”

 There were two other witnesses in the room, Brittani's best friend that woman's young daughter.

“Now my kids are without an auntie. She would she Brittni's picture and she would say auntie's girl. So, that day was really hard for her. She struggles to this day with it,” said Kelly Nipper, the victim’s friend.

Nipper said by killing Brittani, Alliniece stole so much joy and happiness from the world.

On Wednesday’s anniversary, remembered their cherished times with the victim. However, they are also preparing for the murder trial ahead.

Alliniece is facing the death penalty.

“All the emotions I feel, all of that only goes to making me more prepared for trial,” said Nipper.

The victim’s mother hopes by sharing her story, others will see the warning signs of domestic violence and take them seriously.

“This isn’t fair. This shouldn't happen to any mother, any mother shouldn't have to go through this,” said Rasberry.

The case has been bound over for trial. Alliniece will be in court for a formal arraignment in July.