With a mission for helping child sex trafficking victims get back on their feet, 10 college students will set off on a six-week journey along the Pacific Coast. They're working to raise funds, both before and during the ride. But it’s not for themselves or their travels. 

With passion in her heart, Haley Felix, a senior at Oklahoma State University, is one of the 10 who will embark on a 1,700-mile bike ride from Seattle to San Diego, starting June 8, 2019. 

Felix isn't a professional cyclist, in fact, she just purchased her bike a few months ago. But she says the cause makes it worth the ride.

“As I did research, like I was completely captivated by the problem of human trafficking and just like the unawareness. I mean, five months ago I was completely naive to the entire topic,” Felix said.

“Pedal the Pacific” started a few years ago, with three college students wanting to shed light on the issue of human trafficking. Three years later, the mission has spread, and Felix felt the need to join in.

“I am now so on board and would bike the coast a thousand times more if I knew that it would have the impact you know, Pedal has already had just in the past couple years,” she said.

Before and during their ride, the team is raising money for a long-term rehabilitation center located in Austin, Texas, called “The Refuge.” They have currently raised over $48,000, but they have a goal of $250,000. 

“Personally, I don't think that there's a better cause. And I just want to bring light
to a very, very dark issue,” Felix said.

If you’d like to learn more about Pedal the Pacific, or donate to their cause, click here