What Tiger Woods did Sunday winning the Master’s, constitutes the greatest comeback in sports history, in my opinion. He was a wreck physically and his personal life was in shambles, but he seems to have turned it all around.

Here's what you had to say:

Mary first, "Amazing but not worth a Medal of Freedom!"

President Trump informed Tiger he'd be giving him the Medal of Freedom.

Connie thinks that's a bit much too, "I’m proud of Tiger and his big win but, I cannot figure out what that medal and a golf game have to do with each other."

But Cody argues, "If Obama can give the Medal of Freedom to Joe Biden, the POTUS can dang sure give one to Tiger Woods."

SteTan didn't like me criticizing Tiger's past celebrations, "Nothing wrong with celebrating with his caddy. That has stuck by him and didn’t leave while Tiger was out. The guy lived on his savings waiting for Tiger."

Leslea writes, "I think people can overcome their faults and God forgives. Happy for him and to see the eyes of his kids."

Allan's taking it all with a grain of salt, "Golf and a few more majors will never make up for his actions away from golf. That being said, Tiger is good for the game!"

And finally, Alex says who cares, "This isn't news. It's just filler... get back to things that matter please."

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