OKLAHOMA CITY - A metro man was dragged and run over while he attempted to stop a suspect from stealing his vehicle. Police are looking for the suspect who fled on foot. 

The 7-Eleven convenience store near Interstate 240 and South Western Avenue is back to business after an unusual morning. A dangerous struggle over a Chevy Suburban turned the parking lot into a crime scene early Monday.

The clerk on duty called 911.

Caller: “Someone just stole a customer’s truck and is, and he run over him.”

The 50-year-old victim told police he left his SUV running while he ran into the store. When he came out, he saw a man jump behind the wheel. The victim attempted to get his SUV back but was badly injured in the process.

911 Dispatcher: “Is that guy injured.”

Caller: “He’s injured, he’s on the floor now. He…they ran over his leg.”

Police said the victim was taken to a hospital in Southwest Oklahoma City. He later posted photos on social media of the gashes and road rash to both of his legs.

The suspect was able to drive away but did not get far.

Caller: “They’re trying to get on the highway right now from the service road, but they just went into a ditch.”

“The suspect did crash the car,” said Officer Megan Morgan, Oklahoma City Police Department. “And took off on foot before officers could get there.”

A witness helped the victim and drove the SUV back to the parking lot.

The damaged vehicle remains at the convenience store and the suspect is on-the-run.