DEL CITY, Oklahoma - Congresswoman Horn will be touring Tinker Air Force Base with others lawmakers and members of Congress Friday.

Included in the group is Congressman John Garamendi, the chairman on the House Armed Services' Readiness Subcommittee.

The group is set to look at some of the features Tinker has, like the Oklahoma City Air Logistics Complex.

Tinker has a big impact on the OKC metro economy. The base employs more than 30,000 and provides one point $1.7 billion in salaries annually.

Lawmakers will spend the day at the facility looking at the base and what Tinker does for the military. One issue the military members have brought to News 9, complaints of mold in the housing at Tinker. This is something Congresswoman Horn's office mentioned they'll be talking about during her visit.

"These are not partisan issues,” said Congresswoman Horn ahead of her trip. “Not only is it a quality of life issue for those service members and their families as they sacrifice for our country, it's a national security and readiness threat.”

She also said this is something the full Armed Services committee in both chambers is aware of and it’s not just a local problem.