OKLAHOMA CITY - Firefighters are calling a 7-year-old boy a hero after they said he helped save his neighbor's life with some quick thinking. 

It was just another day for Aaron Oberg, his mom and two siblings. The family was in their southwest Oklahoma City apartment when Aaron thought he heard a smoke detector. 

“Aaron walks in and he goes mom, mom I think I smell smoke and I hear a fire alarm,” described Aaron’s mom Reseth Oberg.
The mother of three started trying to figure out what her son was hearing. 
After walking around their apartment building, she saw her older wheelchair bound neighbor open his door. 
“Smoke filled the hallways,” said Reseth. 
Reseth and some other neighbors were able to get the elderly man and some of his oxygen tanks out. They also found what they thought was the source of the smoke, something on the stove, and were able to move it. 
After making sure the elderly man was taken to the hospital, the firefighters gave Aaron and his little brother a tour of the fire truck. 
"We got to see all the compartments," said Aaron. 
Reseth said she's proud of how her son reacted and how kind he was. 
The man that the Obergs helped was still in the hospital when News 9 spoke with the family. 
Aaron was invited to visit the responding firefighter's station anytime he wants.