MOORE, Oklahoma - A post on social media sheds light on programs that are being cut from a few Moore Public Schools this upcoming school year. 

At this time, News 9 has yet to hear from the district, but parents and teachers are speaking out.

“In Oklahoma, we have about 1,100 fewer art and music classes than four years ago. That means about 28% of our Oklahoma Public School students don’t have Fine Arts classes,” said Alicia Priest, President of the Oklahoma Education Association.

 According to sources, starting next year, four Moore elementary schools will lose their art programs. Central Elementary is one of those four.

Supposedly, the decision was announced back in November.

But light was recently shed on the cuts, after a Facebook post regarding a district-wide art show in Moore.

Inspired by the well-known "Love is in the Bin" art piece, created by Banksy, a group of elementary school students allegedly volunteered to shred their artwork to make a statement, saying goodbye to their art program. They titled their work "Art is in the Bin.”

Almost immediately, the district made the teacher take down the display, but many are praising the teacher and students for expressing their feelings in a peaceful way.

Other districts and programs are hurting as well.

“World Language programs have been cut. AP programs have been cut,” Priest added.

But News 9 recently also discovered a gifted-education program called SEARCH is being cut. This will affect the entire district.

“We just think it’s a disservice to our students honestly… Having a gifted program allows them to be with like-minded students, where they can feel successful,” said Teresa Potter, a Moore Gifted Education teacher said.

Stay with News 9 for updates.