KINGFISHER COUNTY, Oklahoma - A search warrant reveals how a woman's body in Kingfisher may have been dismembered. 

Court documents show investigators recovered a butcher knife, hammer and a fire poker from the home where 56-year-old Brenda Baber is believed to have been killed.

The suspect's sister tells News 9 she contacted police, identifying her brother as the possible killer.

According to police reports, Steven Stricker displayed unusual behavior, even making bizarre statements following his girlfriend's disappearance.

“I'm still trying to wrap my head around what he did,” said the suspect’s sister Julia Blanchard.

Brenda Baber disappeared just two days before her sister planned to help her move out of her house and away from Stricker for good.

“Mr. Stricker has been arrested several times in the past for domestic violence,” said Kingfisher Police Chief Dennis Baker.

Stricker's sister said the couple had a volatile relationship. Baber contacted her after leaving him before.

“I said well if he smacked you around, I said don’t go back, you know? Stay away,” said Blanchard.

Last week, Blanchard got a call from her brother. He told her Baber was gone.

“I said, well she was going to leave you sooner or later. And he goes, no you're not getting it Julia,” said Blanchard.

After asking her whether she was a good sister, he dropped a bombshell.

“I just said a very good sister, and he went into I killed Brenda,” said Blanchard.  

He told her he used to work in a slaughterhouse and had the skills to dismember a body.

“The thing he said was, if you need me to dispose of a body for you or need me to kill someone for you, I’m very good at what I do,” said Blanchard.

He then made one last statement.

“The fireplace does wonders, that's all he said,” said Blanchard.

After more than 100 bone fragments and a toenail were recovered from the couple's garden, Blanchard believes her brother, a military veteran, made good on a threat.

“He did say it to me if she took my stuff again, I will kill her,” said Blanchard.

She now prays for comfort for Brenda's family, and for justice. 

“I hope now that he admits to what he did that he asks God for forgiveness,” said Blanchard.

Charges are expected to be filed Thursday.