Road hazards. Airborne hazards. Stains. Surface pollutants.

Our vehicles are exposed to a range of irritants on a daily basis. To stand up against them and prevent them from causing damage, a high-performing paint protection film is critical.

Yet, not all products in this niche are created alike.

Dealers and distributors looking to stock their shelves with the highest-quality film can rest assured that the DuraShield Titan delivers.

Today, we’re taking a look at some of its top benefits and the cutting-edge chemistry behind this proprietary topcoat and its impressive results.

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Continuous Stain Resistance

From bug collisions and bird droppings to mud puddles and road tar, our cars see more than their fair share of splatters.

Even if you forget to clean a stain off immediately, the Titan provides unparalleled stain resistance.

In fact, according to one in-house test, even when difficult stains such as permanent marker and hard water spots were left on a Titan-protected car for 2 entire weeks, the stains lifted off effortlessly with isopropyl alcohol.

The same test put one car through an accelerated three-year weathering process, finding that stains lifted off with ease and the vehicle looked new again.

Environmental Hazard Protection

Titan has a proprietary topcoat formula that keeps airborne environmental hazards at bay.

An independent test revealed it’s the only paint protection film in its class to offer complete resistance to harsh chemicals.

When submerged for one hour in motor oil, antifreeze, hydrochloric acid and even gasoline, the Titan-protected metal panels showed no adverse effect.

Topcoat Surface Protection

One of the top features of the Titan topcoat is that it’s 100% non-porous. This prevents contaminants from becoming trapped, which could lead to discoloration and yellowing.

It’s also optically clear and resistant to scratches, scuffs, and punctures.

Moreover, with a gloss level that matches OEM clear coats, it applies and blends seamlessly, with a low profile that makes even partial installs look streamlined.

Road Hazard Resistance

No one wants to think about gravel or small rocks dinging or puncturing the side of their vehicles, but it’s a common occurrence. To this end, Titan outshines every other paint protection film on the market.

Its puncture resistance scored highest in an independent test that measured how much force, energy, and elongation it took for a film to puncture.

Besting the competition, Titan revealed exceptional resistance to even the most acute conditions.

Other Key Features

In addition to being stain, hazard and puncture-resistant, Titan also boasts easy installation and re-positioning along with self-healing properties that make it easy to remove any scratch or scuff that penetrates its surface.

It’s also flexible, able to conform to a variety of complex and curved surfaces, making it as versatile as it is functional.

Need another reason to include it in your inventory? The film is backed by a 10-year limited warranty when applied by a certified installer.

Discover More About DuraShield Titan

Dealers looking to enhance their retail and service offerings naturally want the best products that deliver real results.

When it comes to vehicle protection, there’s no room for solutions that only partially deliver.

DuraShield Titan is a paint protection film that outpaces its peers and continues to ace every independent test it’s put through.

The bottom line? It’s a powerhouse player, backed by real science and real results.

To learn more, request a free information kit today and see the difference for yourself.

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