A baby who died after being found unresponsive at a Warr Acres daycare may have suffered from shaken baby syndrome, according to court documents.

Liam Farrar died at OU Children's Medical Center after he was found unresponsive on Feb. 21 at a Warr Acres daycare in the 7200 block of N Norman Road. 

Oklahoma City police requested a search warrant to retrieve footage from a doorbell camera and a digital video recorder to determine the baby's condition when he was dropped off at his daycare.

In the probable cause portion of the search warrant request, a doctor at OU Children's Medical Center confirmed the 5-month-old child suffered subdural bleeding and significant retinal hemorrhaging. These are common signs associated with shaken baby syndrome. 

Doctors and social workers said the injury could have occurred within the last 72 hours. The baby had no fractures leading the doctor to think the baby had been shaken severely, according to the court document.

The parents told police Liam Farrar was fine and did not notice any unusual behavior before they dropped him off at daycare. 

One daycare worker told police the baby was not acting like himself on Feb. 20 and had slept for most of the day. 

So far, no arrests have been made in connection with Liam Farrar's death.