A couple from northern Wisconsin is headed to Nebraska to deliver hay bales to flood victims.

They're asking for help from Oklahomans as the they pass through the state.

Lee and Lisa Schmitt are truck drivers who travel across America, hauling a multitude of things.

But this week, their mission is to provide for victims of major flood damage in Nebraska.

States of emergency, and mandatory evacuations remain the order for some states as historic flooding consumes the Midwest.

Thousands of acres of farmland are underwater, and countless livestock are dead.

And the ones that have survived, are in desperate need for food.

“There are some animals up there now that we just found out a few minutes ago, there’s a herd of cattle, of 30,000 cattle, that have been without hay for eight days,” Lisa Schmitt said.

In Nebraska alone, it's estimated that farmers and ranchers could reach $1 billion worth of crops and livestock.

The Schmitt’s are working on loading up their semi-truck with bales of hay, to deliver to starving animals, and help farmers preserve what’s left.

“We get a warm, fuzzy feeling in our hearts and that’s what it’s about,” Lisa Schmitt said.

The Schmitt's are currently in Oklahoma, to pick up a few bales from a farmer in Claremore, but they're asking for more help.

If you happen to have an extra bale or two to spare, the couple is asking you to reach out to them.

Lisa says the best way to do that is through their Facebook page, Trucking Across America with the Schmitt’s.