TULSA, Oklahoma - A new FDA-approved drug is providing hope for mothers who struggle with postpartum depression. Stephanie Reese is the mother of an eight-year-old girl and a three-year-old little boy.

"With my first child, it took about six months to realize what was going on," she said.

Reese said she experienced severe postpartum depression with both her children, leaving her feeling hopeless.

"You just feel utterly worthless and like life has no meaning," Reese said. "I just could not find any joy, even though I just had this wonderful baby."

Reese said she spent months in misery, experimenting with a cocktail of medications, trying to figure out what would help her.

"I just remember crying in my room and feeling like my purpose was obsolete," she said.

A new FDA-approved drug called Zulresso aims to combat postpartum depression and claims to do so more quickly than other anti-depressants.

"This drug specifically increases the amount of that hormone in women who are suffering from postpartum depression," Dr. Taneisha Buffin said.

Zulresso is administered through an IV over a three day period in the hospital, and doctors say the effects can be immediate.

"Anything that can help with the bonding experience between mom and baby, that's a very important time," Buffin said.

Reese said she and her husband considered not having more children because of how it affected her mental health, but after hearing about Zulresso, she hopes she can be a mother again.

"I feel like I'm not done being a mom with the two children I have," she said. "I would love to give them another sibling."

Dr. Buffin said it's important for new mothers to look out for signs of postpartum depression, like increased anxiety, crying spells, feeling withdrawn, and feeling easily overwhelmed.

Contact your doctor if you think you might be suffering from postpartum depression.