TULSA, Oklahoma - The 100 applicants chosen to be part of the Tulsa Remote program are one by one - getting here to Tulsa. Those 100 applicants will each receive $10,000 for choosing to relocate here - all part of an initiative by the George Kaiser Family Foundation.

The program director said they had applications from every state in the U.S. and 150 countries.

Taylor Allen hasn't even been in Tulsa a week yet. She came here from Atlanta, and she already has a pretty good feeling about her new home.

"I love it so far," said Taylor Allen, Tulsa Remote recipient.

Taylor said goodbye to friends and family in Atlanta to work remotely from Tulsa.

"I think it is a great community, and I keep joking with Aaron about how I think I have a tattoo on my forehead that says 'I'm new here; please be nice to me,' because everyone is so welcoming," she said.

She has a Master's Degree from Duke University and is already looking at getting involved in Tulsa organizations like DVIS.

"I want to work with victims of violence and those who have been abused - domestic violence, intimate partner violence. That's my passion; that's my heart, and it's amazing to see the initiatives that Tulsa has in place already."

Aaron Bolzle, Tulsa Remote's program director, says Taylor is a perfect example of who they were looking for.

"With 10,000 applications you get an idea to identify people who are not only talented but also compelled to be a productive part of a community," he said.

The Tulsa Remote program pays people whose jobs can be done remotely $10,000 to move to Tulsa. They can use that money for things like housing and just getting situated in the city - hopefully keeping them here for the long term.

"It is just the personable feeling that I already have definitely makes me want to stay," said Taylor Allen, a recipient of the funds.

The 100 people moving will actually bring more like 165 new people to Tulsa when you include family members.