You’re video calling a relative you haven’t seen in a while, and then it happens: your light go out and the call connection is lost.

Having no Wi-Fi after a power outage is irritating. Don’t want to worry about it?

Keep reading to find out how to avoid this problem.

UPS Battery Backup

An infrequent flow of energy will actually harm your computer.

Hook up a battery backup device to your modem and router to keep the Internet running, and to protect your computer. A UPS connects your computer and a power source for up to 5 hours.

To keep your home electronics on as well, you’ll need another battery backup more than one if you have many devices in use. Popular UPS brands are Cyberpower and APC.

With battery backups, you’ll have the time to finish that video call and even browse the Internet or watch TV.

No Wi-Fi after a Power Outage? Solution: Phone

Use your cell phone as a modem to maintain Internet access. This is called tethering, or a mobile hotspot. Simply connect your phone’s network connection and computer.

The two other options are Bluetooth tethering and USB tethering. Bluetooth tethering is exactly what it sounds like the phone and computer are connected through Bluetooth.

USB tethering involves installing a device driver on your computer and connecting your phone via USB.

You may have to pay a monthly fee because these work using cellular data. Some plans do include this, however. Be sure to check with your service provider if you’re not sure.

Using your cell as a hotspot will keep you online and up to date with the latest news.


Not only do you have that video call, but you have to go online for work! How can you ensure you’ll stay connected?

Create a hotspot using a Mi-Fi device. This connection lasts and can be shared with a max of 10 devices.

You can use your computer while your family has access on their phones, laptops, the TV, and gaming consoles.

Mi-Fi devices are available online or with major carriers, which do have data plans.


You don’t just want the Internet back you need your lights, the heating system, and the fridge to run.

A generator is a great solution. They require gas, but last a while on one fill.

You can get a portable one if there are specific items you want to plug in. A generator for the entire house has to be installed by an electrician. It will turn on as soon as the power cuts out.

Here is a guide for choosing the right generator.

Stay Connected

It’s a pain when there’s no Wi-Fi after a power outage. You could miss an important call, be locked out from work, or long for the joy of watching a movie or show.

The above solutions will eliminate this issue and keep you connected.

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