OKLAHOMA CITY - The public comment period is wrapping up for the State Department of Health’s rules for medical marijuana as license requests continue to pour in. 

The Department of Health has received 81,000 applications for medical marijuana in 6 months. 

That’s more than they expected to get in a year.  The department is working on rules to regulate licensing of medical marijuana.  The last public forum for people to weigh in was held Monday.

“First off I don’t think there should be any laws.  This plant should be legal because it grows on this earth, it was here before us.  All mammals have an endocannabinoid system which means it was here before us.  So, we shouldn’t have to pay the OMMA for permission to take the plant,” said Dillon Reseck, a Disabled Veteran.

These rules establish the medical marijuana authority and sets up rules for licensing commercial establishments like growers and dispensaries. 

These are not the same rules the governor signed into law last week through the so-called unity bill that would regulate testing and labeling of medical marijuana. 

These rules deal primarily with licensing.  

“Now we have to make them permanent.  And that permanent process includes a 30-day comment period followed by a public comment hearing and that’s what we have today.” Said James Joslin with the Oklahoma State Department of Health.

The Department of Health will accept comments about its rules through Wednesday.