STILLWATER - Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers say a drunk driver plowed into the side of a daycare in Stillwater Sunday night.

Fortunately, no children were injured but the building is heavily damaged.

“When we got here it was so much worse than what we could picture,” said owner Angela Chapman.

Chapman and her husband had just returned home.

“I travel back and forth to MD Anderson every three weeks for a clinical trial that we’re on, for me,” she explained. 

Chapman has stage four cancer.

“It’s a lot to deal with on top of that,” said Chapman.

The damage to her daycare is significant. Chapman has 35 kids and says it’s very likely some would have been hurt if the daycare had been open.

“The kids congregate right there, they sit, they read books, they get out activities, and they play right there. So, there’s usually three to four right there at any given time,” said Chapman.

OHP troopers immediately arrested Christopher Nelson for driving under the influence.

Chapman says Nelson lives down the street.

Chapman is already getting estimates from contractors and talking to insurance agents. She is anxious to get back up and running.

“We’re just going to do our best to fight back, fighting the cancer, fighting the mess, and trying to get back to being what we can for all the kids, all the parents, and the employees that count on us,” said Chapman.

Chapman says she is still waiting for contractors to give her an estimate of total damages.