OKLAHOMA CITY - A long-time Northwest Oklahoma City business says there have been too many vehicle accidents less than a block away from their front door. 

Hondura Inc. has been repairing automobiles at 520 North Villa for more than three decades. 

They say the intersection of General Pershing and Villa is cause for concern. 

Thursday morning, two large trucks hauling trailers collided there. 

 General Pershing has a stop sign, but Hondura employee, 34-year-old Evan Mencke, says too many motorists either don’t see it, or ignore it.

“We need them to have something done, to get them to see the signs, or something to alert them this is a two-way stop,” Mencke said. 

Police say there have been 17 accidents at that intersection since 2016.  

City Public Works Spokesperson Shannon Cox sent out an internet link that businesses like Hondura Inc. can use to request additional stop signs. 

Hondura employees say they plan to take the city up on that.