LAWTON, Oklahoma - One day after a murder warrant was issued for Jason Lenard's arrest, his late wife's family fears he's on-the-run. 

Troopers say Lenard was driving drunk when he crashed his car in January, killing his wife and father, and injuring his baby.

Tuesday, a tip led them to a home in Altus, but he wasn't there.

“Quit being a coward. You need to face what you did. You killed your father, your wife and you left your daughter,” said Jennifer Orr, Angila Lenard’s sister.

News of a warrant issued for her former brother in law's arrest has brought Jennifer Orr little comfort.

“I thought I would be happy, but it doesn't bring her back. I mean, it doesn't bring her back. It doesn't make it right. He's going to be able to talk to his family from a prison or wherever he's at. We'll never be able to talk to my sister again,” said Orr.

Recent court documents show Lenard was intoxicated when he crashed his car in Jackson County on New Year's Day. Troopers say instead of staying with his dead wife, father, and injured baby Lenard ran.

“The baby was upside down in a car. I mean, why would you leave a car that is upside down with a baby in there,” said Orr.

Orr says while she'll never understand why he didn't stay and help, she's begging him to do the right thing now and turn himself in.

“I mean if you have anything left in you, be a man! At least show your daughter that you're taking responsibility for what you did,” said Orr.

Following his wife's and father's death, Lenard posted video of his recovery to Facebook, with the hashtag #RealLifeSUPERMAN.

Orr says for the past three months her family has been in agony, knowing her sister's killer has been walking free.

She hopes his days are soon numbered.

“I hope he spends his life in prison, and I hope he dies there,” said Orr.