ADA, Oklahoma - Timothy Aaron Dovers is locked up in the Pontotoc County Jail after a statewide crime spree, according to investigators. 

Deputies in Pottawatomie County confirm they tracked the suspect for months.

Since the initial story, deputies said Dovers was involved in three police chases. One pursuit was in Oklahoma City, the next in Kansas, and the last one in Pontotoc County. Each of those were in the month of January.

“Wherever he goes, and the other people that he is going to be associated with, we are going to expect more arrests,” said Pottawatomie County Sheriff Mike Booth.

At least 11 others had been arrested, while investigators searched for Dovers. The suspect was mentioned in court documents involving the “Red Barn” case in Oklahoma City.

Dovers was also recently named in a chop shop operation in Pottawatomie County. Michael and Angelia Oats were arrested in that case just a few weeks ago.

“Inside the bar were numerous motorcycles, bunch of cars that had been taken apart, stripped,” said Deputy Travis Sullivan. “Numerous stolen weapons, and other stuff.”

Deputies said many times when they search homes with a connection to Dovers they’d find drugs, and stolen property worth thousands of dollars. A large number of guns and ammunition are also typically found at those scenes, according to investigators.

“They have been in several cases in the past, where we have received stolen property, different items. Those investigations lead to other investigations,” said Deputy Sullivan.

Dovers bond was set at $250,000 dollars. Deputies said that he will have to be extradited to Kansas to answer for his crimes in that jurisdiction.