CLEVELAND COUNTY, Oklahoma - Only two weeks into March, the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office has more death investigations than usual. 

“It’s been an extremely busy month for detectives and our investigators,” Sheriff Todd Gibson said. 

Investigators are looking into four new death cases so far this month.

One happened Tuesday, March 12, in Lexington.

“A subject died by gunshot wound to the head. We’re trying to determine, was it intentional? Was it a case of murder? Was it accidental? We don’t know at this point,” Gibson said.

Gibson says his department has four detectives to investigate all cases.

In addition to the four new death cases, those detectives are also looking into new information that came up this week from a 2007 cold case. 

However, Sheriff Gibson says the five cases are not related, and there’s no need to be alarmed. His office investigates all unattended deaths.

“We don’t think that we have a danger to the public, and we want the public to know that these are contained,” Gibson said. 

While there is no need for panic, Gibson acknowledges the hard work of his staff, and is open to any tips to help investigators. 

“Law enforcement is doing a lot of things in the community that maybe people don’t realize or recognize, and we want people to know what we’re doing,” Gibson said.