ELK CITY, Oklahoma - Do you or someone you know have a trampoline that was damaged in Wednesday's high winds? 

An Oklahoma Animal Rescue group is collecting them or even trampolines suffering old age.

Fetch, Inc., of Elk City, uses the trampolines to help provide relief to its rescued animals.

"We use them as shade for miniature horses and our miniature pigs," said Lajeana Thompson, founder of Fetch, Inc. "We use them to wrap the dogs’ kennels with, because they do not hold water like tarps do."

It's giving to animals, who despite their past, give back in a much bigger way.

Fetch, Inc. visit's local nursing homes to bring smiles to places often hard to come by. The organization is now a decade old.

"We bring out more people than bingo, is what we have been told," said Thompson. "It's not just dogs that we take, we take pony's that wear build a bear shoes, so they don't slip and at Christmas time they wear full body Santa Clause suits."

What may seem small to us means the world to these animals who are just looking for a break.

"We've seen some pretty bad stuff, there is a lot of heartache in rescue," said Thompson. "The good times are fewer than the bad times but it's worth it."

"Most of them that come to us are damaged, they're scared to death of people and everything," said Jaye Womack, founder of Fetch, Inc. "It's just amazing what some socialization, love and care does for them."

Fetch, Inc. is working to raise money to replace tires on the van used to bring animals to and from events such as the nursing home.

Reach out to the non-profit's Facebook page for details on how you can donate.