OKLAHOMA CITY - Cost has historically been the biggest barrier to healthcare for many Americans, and if you are among them, a new community health center in Northwest Oklahoma City says help is here.  

Variety Care truly has a variety of options for families of all backgrounds, and providers just want to make sure the Britton community uses what is available to them.

Opened in August, the foot traffic through the doors of the newest Variety Care facility on West Britton Road is growing, but many of the services still are not being utilized to the fullest extent.

Pediatrician Dr. Kyle Stewart says, “We have pediatrics, family medicine, women’s health, optometry, dental, pharmacy and behavioral health, psychiatry all together.”

The building even has a community room to rent out to groups. Dr. Stewart chose to work for this non-profit organization because they specialize in serving people who typically do not have access to healthcare, like the under- and uninsured.

“I think sometimes when people see this building and how nice it is, they assume it’s something they couldn’t afford,” he says, “so I want people to understand, yes, we built this building. It looks fancy, but it’s for everybody.”

Of the patients he has helped thus far, Dr. Stewart says many kids are in the foster care system or have never had regular check-ups, so their medical history is limited. Common conditions like asthma, however, can greatly affect their performance in the classroom without treatment.

“Just by something that’s very little, by getting a kid the appropriate asthma medication, we might help that child succeed in school where otherwise they wouldn’t have,” Dr. Stewart says.

Flu is also hitting hard late in the season, and the doctor says it is not too late to come in for a vaccine.

The goal is to heal the community as a whole, and from women's care to eye care to dental care, Variety Care providers know they can make a difference, one family at a time.

Dr. Stewart says, “If you don’t have a medical home or need care, please give us a call.

The number to the health center is 405-632-6688. To learn more about Variety Care and the facilities around the metro, click here