SEMINOLE COUNTY, Oklahoma - Calls made to Seminole County 911 Friday reveal new details surrounding a fatal crash involving a Konawa school bus and an SUV. 

According to dispatchers, two calls were placed, one before the crash, and one immediately after.

The first 911 call came from a woman concerned about the SUV allegedly driving recklessly.

“It's almost like they think that this is a four lane or something, but they're getting in the passing lane. Staying over there, and just almost hit somebody head-on. The person coming toward us had to get in the shoulder. I don't know if they're drunk or, I don't know,” the first caller told the dispatcher.

The 911 dispatcher then told the caller he was sending a deputy just north of Bowlegs in response to the SUV.

Before reaching the deputy, the SUV crashed into a Konawa school bus on Highway 377, just south of Bowlegs.

The first caller came upon the crash while still on the line with the dispatcher.

“A school bus is on fire,” the first caller told the operator.

After the crash, dispatch received a second call from a witness.

The second call included audible screams in the background, as the caller tried to explain the crash to the dispatcher.

“There’s three people still on the bus. The bus is on fire,” the second caller told the dispatcher.

One school bus passenger, 12-year-old Rhindi Isaacs, passed away at the scene.

Isaac’s softball teammates and coach survived the crash with injuries.

The driver of the SUV, identified by highway patrol as John Tallbear died, along with his unidentified female passenger.

Tallbear was arrested recently for drunk driving offenses.

Classes were cancelled Monday for Konawa Public Schools.

A prayer vigil was held Sunday for Rhindi, and flowers were placed by community members around the campus.

 According to school officials, says money can be donated to the victim’s family at Sooner State Bank or Bancfirst in Konawa.

OHP continues to investigate the crash and is seeking help identifying the deceased female SUV passenger.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call 918-423-3636.