NORMAN, Oklahoma - A gruesome hit-and-run case heads toward trial in Cleveland County. 

The victim, Charlene Hughes, said in May 2018, Misti Dawn Miller ran her over and left her to die on a rural road.

Nearly a year ago, Hughes was hit by a vehicle while trying to check her mail.  When she was found, there was no suspect in sight.

Hughes was then flown to OU Medical Center.

The day after the hit-and-run, Norman police said Miller turned herself in.

Friday, March 8, a judge scheduled Miller’s formal arraignment for this May.

James Hughes, Charlene’s husband, said Miller showed no signs of remorse in court.

Police read a statement from Miller taken after the incident.

“She told the police officer, that when she hit Charlene, it was like hitting a turkey. You just keep going,” said James.

Charlene spent months in Oklahoma and Nebraska hospitals. She said she was relieved that she was able to make it to court Friday. Her husband helped her into the courtroom.

Charlene now lives her life in her wheelchair.

“If she wants a jury to hear that she considered my wife in the same category as a wild animal, that she just ran over and left...then more power to her. I don't think Oklahomans would like that very much,” said James.

“'Like a turkey,' I can't believe she said that. That just really pissed me off,” said Charlene.

Every day is still a challenge for Charlene and James. The couple said they lost time together. However, the financial burden has a weight of over $1 million.

“There is no retirement now. There is no quitting work. There is none of that,” said James.

The couple said they believe justice will be served. It may not be soon, but James said he dreams of a day he can take his favorite dance partner back out on the floor.

“We love to waltz. Yeah, and we will do it again. We will get there. That's right,” said James and Charlene.

News 9 took a look into Miller's history. Miller pleaded guilty to another hit-and-run case in 2006.

A GoFundMe account is still circulating to help the Hughes family. Click here if you would like to donate.