OKLAHOMA CITY - A local nonprofit is asking for help finding their van. 

Pastor Richard Bond is the executive director of OKC Compassion, a non-profit that helps those struggling with substance abuse.

The nonprofit’s van was stolen from the Meridian Inn Motel at 1224 South Meridian Avenue in the morning hours of February 25.

Bond says he was helping pay rent for a person in need, when someone approached the van.

“As I was talking to the man behind the counter and giving him some money for the days rent, he looked up and said, ‘Hey someone is running towards your van,’” said Bond.

A suspect got in the van and left going north on Meridian Avenue toward Interstate 40.

The van helps get those in the compassion program to appointments, jobs, and even to stores for medicine.

“How am I going to get everything done? That was my first thought,” said Bond. “My second thought was, ‘Will I ever get my van back and also what all is in the van?”

A briefcase with irreplaceable items inside has since been returned. It was found in a dumpster by a good Samaritan 10 miles to the north of where the van was stolen.

“I write a daily journal, so I had a few months of writing in there,” said Bond. “Some of my favorite books and my favorite bible that I use daily on a regular basis (were in the van) so I got all that back, that was a big relief.”

Some items may have been recovered but the nonprofit is still down a vital part of the business, transportation.

“If there could be any way I could recover the van, that would be nice,” said Bond. “I’m sorry you did it and I hope you find a better way to live than that.”

The van belonging to the nonprofit is a gray 2000 Toyota Sienna.

If you have any information or may know where the van is, you’re asked to contact Oklahoma City police.