A friend of the couple shot and killed in Edmond, allegedly by their own son, wrote an email to our Bonnie Campo after she worked with them on the story Tuesday. 

It started like this: "We appreciated the story you aired, at least there was an effort to paint an accurate picture." 

Then, Brian Gorrell wrote: "They kept Eli's medical condition quiet from most of their friends, because of the stigma attached to mental illness. They had sought treatments in various forms, but once he was a legal adult 18 and on, they could not force him to get the help he needed."

And for those who've dealt with mental illness that's one of the scariest times. 

Then Gorrell wrote of the coverage: "Now that other markets outside of OKC have grabbed the story, I am seeing sickening headlines like this: "Heavy Metal Drummer and Wife Murdered by Son over Satanism"…

They are painting a picture of our dear friends that is sick and inaccurate.”

And finally, he wrote: "Mike and Rachael loved their lives, loved their children, had hearts as big as anything, and were devout Christians. This story is really about mental illness and how it completely destroyed the lives of not only Mike and Rachael, but their children, their family, and their extended family."

He's right, Oklahoma's failing families who are living with mental illness.

I'm Kelly Ogle and that's My 2 Cents.