OKLAHOMA CITY - New information is trickling in after a third body was discovered at Lake Overholser. 

Caller: “I have discovered a dead body ma'am.”

911 Dispatcher: “You said you're at Lake Overholser?”

Caller: “Yes, but I'm on the north side.”

While police have not identified the body of the man found March 5, the other two deaths, both teenagers, share a connection.

According to family members, the teens were good friends and had recently been reported missing.

On February 23rd, the body of Kelvin Perez-Lopez, 18, was pulled from the water.

A fisherman and his son discovered Perez-Lopez’s body.

Dispatcher: “Oklahoma City 911.”

Caller: “I think we might of found a body in a lake.”

Dispatcher: “Are you sure it is a dead body?

Caller: “Yes ma’am. You can see the head and the ears.”

Exactly one week later on March 2, the body of Yordin Chaj Gonzales was found partially clothed along the shoreline.

Caller: “I'm walking along the shore and there is a boy that is dead at the lake.”

According to missing person reports filed in Bethany and Oklahoma City, the two were friends and were last seen January 28.

And while a cause of death has not been determined, Perez-Lopez's uncle said he believed the two had been murdered.

“Yeah its hard. What’s really hard to me is I’m trying to be strong for my family, but I am really weak,” said the victim’s uncle Jabobo Perez.

 In a missing person report filed by Chaj Gonzales' family, the 19-year-old was an undocumented, illegal immigrant from Guatemala. Before his body was found, family members feared he had been arrested or deported.

Family also told police they believed Yordin was with his friend Perez-Lopez.